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Healthy Delights, Vitamin D Chocolate Bites, 8.82 oz. (12 Count)

The D stands for decadent, dark and delicious — it’s also for the high quality vitamin D that helps support your bone and immune health.* Healthy Delights Vitamin D Dark Chocolate Bites do more than just satisfy your deepest darkest candy cravings, they provide the powerful nutritional support you can only get from a high quality vitamin D supplement. Each delicious serving delivers 600 IU’s of Vitamin D3— to help promote strong bones and support a healthy immune system.* The taste will keep bringing you back for more, but don’t forget, this isn’t candy, Healthy Delights Vitamin D Dark Chocolate Bites are your new vitamin D supplement. Promotes strong bones and immune health* 600 IU’s of Vitamin D3 5g sugar Natural flavor from Dark Chocolate & Cane Sugar Crunchy candy shell & decadent dark chocolate center 40 calories per serving Non GMO & Gluten Free NO Artificial Flavors, Colors, Sweeteners or Preservatives! Don’t bother with pills, tear open a snack Our bone and immune system health is extremely important to our overall wellness. For those who find it difficult to get adequate vitamin D from their diets, and for those who find pills difficult to swallow, Healthy Delights Vitamin D Dark Chocolate Bites is a fantastic alternative. Getting your vitamin D has never been sweeter A crisp candy shell hides decadent dark chocolate just like the nutrition panel reveals an incredible 600 IU’s of vitamin D3 per serving. You will never taste it but it’s in there helping to support strong bones and immune health.*

Staying Healthy Never Tasted so Good with Healthy Delights VITAMIN D CHOCOLATE BITES VITAMIN D helps regulate your body’s calcium and phosphate levels for Stronger Bones and Teeth by optimizing the body’s ability to use Calcium more effectively RESEARCH has suggested the average person consumes less than 50% of the Recommended Amount of Vitamin D per day A DELICIOUS way for the WHOLE FAMILY to get the Health Benefits From Vitamin D Add any or ALL of the GREAT TASTING CANDY SHELL HEALTHY DELIGHTS CHOCOLATE BITE’s as part of your daily Nutritional Program

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